Investing in crypto diversifies your portfolio with nontraditional assets that may not correlate to widespread market movements. They also open the gateway to emerging blockchain technologies, including NFTs and the metaverse.

Blockchains also securely record and encrypt every crypto transaction that occurs. This digital ledger is decentralized, meaning that it’s distributed across a network of linked nodes (computers).This decentralization is a key component of the blockchain, providing digital assets with their notable speed, transparency and security.

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If you want to transfer out the unexpired principal, there will be Violation Loss, Violation Loss = default settlement ratio * remaining days * lock-up number. For example: the default settlement ratio of this locked-up mining is 1%, the remaining 3 days expire, and the locked-up number is 1000, then the Violation Loss = 1%*3*1000=30U, and the actual refund of the principal is 1000U-30U=970U